The Great Sweater Wrap - (Available by Custom Order Only)

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Unstructured jacket 

Not a sweater and not a shawl 

A combination of the two into one


Easy wear, comfortable, practical,

Classic garment




                                                                    One Size fits most. Longer wrap no longer available.

Short Sweater.                                              Long Sweater. 

$35.00                                                      (No longer available)                                                                


                         (Plus shipping and handling.)



Both sides wrapped over shoulders.

                            One side wrapped over the shoulder.

  Both sides left unstructured.  



                                                                               With a belt.





                                                 More Sample wraps                                                                    

Black shell knit with a gold metallic thread

Long sweater wrap 

Worn unstructured - both front sections left long.  

Satin shoulder bag serves as storage for the wrap.

 (Fabric #2 shown below)



                                                                                                                     Crimson Rib Knit 

                                                                                                                  Long Sweater wrap 

                                                                                 Draped over one shoulder - side view

                                                                                         (Long length wrap is no longer available)



Very Light weight Ribbon Knit

With brooch closing front

(Photo to demonstrate wear option. Fabric shown is no longer available)


Color/Fabric choices available:

Computer pictures can't really do an adequate job of representing the fabric, but hopefully these photos will give you an idea of what to expect. There are clients out there wearing the actual articles, so if you know one of those individuals you can check out the garment in real life.

(Fabrics have not been pre-washed. Washing instructions are per manufacturer's instructions.)


1.  Sweater knit - Diamond White/Gold

 100 % Polyester

 Hand wash, cold/ Lay Flat to dry


2.  Sweater Knit - Lacey Black/ Gold Metallic Thread

100 % Acrylic

Hand Wash, cold/ Lay Flat to dry


3.  Sweater Knit - Ribbed, Crimson Red

100 % Acrylic

Hand Wash, cold/ Lay Flat to Dry

One wrap left - short length wrap

4.  Sweater Knit - Ribbed, Lipstick Red

100% Acrylic 

Machine wash, Gentle, Cold/ Lay Flat to dry



The following knits are finer and lighter in weight, and/or have a decorative texture. 

9.  Stretch Velvet - Olive Green w/decorative sequin-thread

Unknown fabric content but is synthetic

Hand wash, cold/ Lay Flat to dry


10.  Fancy Novelty Tye-Dye Sequined Knit - Black/Grey/Pearl

90% Rayon, 10% Spandex

 Hand Wash, Cold/ Lay Flat to dry


11. Light weight Novelty Knit - Retro Crocheted Lace, Fall colors

Unknown fabric content - is synthetic

Hand wash, cold/ Lay Flat to dry 




12. NEW!  - A fine lightweight knit, about the weight you might find in a tank and cardigan twinset. Smooth finish in ivory white. 

100% Acrylic

Machine Wash/Gentle/Cold/Lay Flat to dry



13.  Very fine, lightweight knit. Black, 'Sheer Lurex Knit'. Stretch with Textured surface.  Great evening shawl w fringe. Fine enough to tie in front.

63% Rayon, 37% Polyester. 

Machine wash/cold/gentle. Machine dry/low



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