Hot/Cold Therapy Bag - Sold Out - (Available by Custom Order Only)

Winter 2009

These handy bags have 100 uses. Purchase a set of two - one bag to store in the freezer and use as needed the other to pop in the microwave for instant warm.

(2 bags available in this print)

8"X10" Bag - $15 ea bag

Heat bag in microwave for 1- 1/2 minutes. Then use hot to ease the aches and pains of sore muscles, breastfeeding soreness, arthritis, or fibromyalgia. Great to warm muscles before exercise, or to warm your feet in bed on a cold winter night.  Even use in the kitchen or at a family get-together to place under a hot dish to keep food warm longer. 

Cold from the freezer a bag helps reduce swelling, ease the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, reduce inflammation of neck or shoulder or soothe away the pain of  a headache. Hot summer cars? Help people or pets stay cooler.  Some even use in a picnic cooler to keep drinks or food cool. 


Your "therapy kit" includes: 

  • 100% cotton muslin bag filled with feed corn
  • Zipper type freezer bag for storage and protection
  • 100% cotton flannel washable bag cover 
  • Instructions for use and care


Bag size -  8"x10". 

$15 ea

Inner corn-filled bag is not machine washable and corn should be protected from dampness. Wet corn can spoil and may cook if heated in microwave. To protect corn from dampness, store the inner muslin corn bag in a ziploc type freezer bag and open the bag slightly when heating in microwave to vent.  Store in freezer in plastic freezer bag.

Outer pillowcase fabrics are 100% cotton and can be removed from inner corn pillow for washing. 

Inner corn bag has been pretreated in microwave to insure freshness.  Outer fabrics have been pre-washed and dried to remove fabric finishes and chemicals.