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Welcome to SewKlassic! You've stumbled upon the creative outlet of a closet seamstress. I'm continually toying with one project or another. So, here's another...

Fall 2011

Favorite Fall Wardrobe Pieces

A chevron accent skirt,The "new grey" tab skirt and autumn colors purse are favorites this season. 


Summer 2011

  Small Travel Wallet

 This bag can be used to ease aches and pains either by placing in a microwave for a minute for warm therapy or a freezer for a couple of hours for cold therapy. The outer pillow case is removable and can be washed. The inner pillow is filled with dry, natural feed corn. Pillow comes with instructions for use. Outer case fabrics vary. The sample above is a vintage 70's fabric, 100% cotton. This fabric is not available for sale, but have some cozy flannels. Check out the Hot/Cold Therapy Bag page on this site. 



The Great Sweater Wrap - Fall/Winter 2008-09

I've been playing with the sweater wrap lately. A light "Sweater Wrap" - a shawl with sleeves is the perfect item for the airplane or to wear under air conditioning in movie theaters-halls-office, or over a formal strapless or small strap dress that leaves the shoulders and neck uncovered. 

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Heirloom Bear - Summer 2008

This heirloom bear is made from Great Grandmother's clothing and a wool blanket that was used for family outings at church camp. Buttons for the bear's eyes and vest are from Great Grandmother's sewing basket.

Eventually, this bear may be the center of many wonderful conversations about Great Grandma's life. But, right now, it's more fun to wear bear's hat.

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Graduation Pillow -Spring 2008

An  aunt saved a  T-shirt from her college days of  "not so very long ago". Now, shaped into a pillow, the shirt is the perfect graduation present for a nephew headed to the same alma mater this fall. 

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Unique Mock Turtleneck - Winter 2007

I love this unusual knit with velvet applique. The detail is eye catching, and quite fetching. 

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Reversible Travel Vest - Fall 2007

I started working on this to use on a trip to Switzerland for a friend's wedding. It was my first trip to Europe, so I thought I'd enjoy it decked out to the nines. This vest is reversible, providing two fun looks in one small travel package. I put in some custom pockets, sized for my cell phone and a few other items that are handy to have around. Then it was off for the Alps and high living. 

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Child's T and Shorts - Summer 2007

 The real star in this picture is our grandson, of course, but he's having fun modeling the t-shirt and shorts that grandma made for him.


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